Who Knew?

Today I surprised my wife and got her a Nintendo DS web browser to thank her for her support this summer while dealing with my accident. Earlier in the week I had watched a session for the K12 Online Conference from Steve Dembo called Mobile Learning. Steve mentioned that in Japan children were using Nintendo DS‘s as a wifi web browser and he stated that is was coming to the states in 2007. After the session was over I did a Google search and found out that it was available. I went down to BestBuy and purchased a card about the size of normal GameBoy Advance cartridge. In a short amount of time my wife (not me) got the machine up and running. She let me borrow it for a couple of minutes to put it through the paces. Here are some pictures for your review…

dscn1611.JPG dscn1613.JPGdscn1614.JPGdscn1614.JPGdscn1616.JPG

I’ve try to give you some different things to look at: Picture 1-Gmail Picture 2-My School’s Website Picture 3-Wikipedia entry on the State of Maine Picture 4-Showing the Keyboard Picture 5-flickr pictures. The browser is an open-source title called Opera. I’ve haven’t tried it on a desktop but it resized things on a mobile device pretty well.

For about $30 you can turn a personal entertainment device into a personal web device. Will it be useful as a 1-to-1 solution? NO, but if you need something to look up this better than nothing. The speed wasn’t too bad either.

Who knew a disruptive device could be this educational?

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2 thoughts on “Who Knew?

  1. Right on! Thrilled that you posted those photos. Very curious to hear how well it handles things like forms and javascript/Flash and such.

    I don’t have a DS, do you mind if I include your photos in future versions of the presentation? Full credit to you of course….

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