Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho…Wiki While You Work

Here are some of the thoughts and impressions from Mark Wagner’s session Wiki While You Work from the K12 Online Conference.

The sum is greater than its’ parts.  That is a mantra one needs to live by when using a wiki to develop content.  One person isn’t going to be the sole content expert but when you take a lot of people collaborating together around a common topic makes the content richer for the end user.  Wikis allows the sum to be greater than the parts the more people who contribute to the wiki the stronger the content becomes.

Wikis become a living resource document.  With the “edit this page” button the page/document becomes an active document.  When new material/resources become available the wiki can be update by anyone (not just the initial author) for others to utilize.  Dead links become a thing of the past.  Wikis would allow the finder of the dead link and flag it, delete the link/reference, or edit it with the updated site.  Everyone can control the content not just a single author within a wiki.

Wikis can be used to slow down or prevent plagiarism.  What a concept!  Thanks to the history component of a wiki you can track the changes that would be a deterrent for plagiarism.  Nice!

Wikis and RSS can be a valuable tool for me in the classroom to let me know when a page has been updated instead of me checking the page.  In the spirit of collaboration letting everyone within a group know when the wiki has been updated can be a real time saver.

I’ve basically used wikis as a basic “quick” webpage but now I’ve got some good examples of how I can utilize wikis in the classroom.  I can see how wikis can be used to engage students in the learning process while they take pride in their work as it can be out there for a global audience.

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