iPods-iSpeak-iSing-iListen-iLearn Reflection for K12 Online

Reflection on

iPods-iSpeak-iSing-iListen-iLearn by Silvia Tolisano

I was very impressed with this podcast of the K12 Online Conference despite the fact that I don’t teach a foreign language.  I found that my experience in high school Spanish would have been so much better if I had the usage of the tools Silvia uses with her students.  I hadn’t thought of how much Web 2.0 tools would have an impact on a language-based classroom.  I had only considered audio books and files but not podcast feeds, audio recordings, or video files as an effective integration of technology within a language classroom. 

For some odd reason I had not heard of gabcast.com before tonight.  After listening to Silvia’s description about it I’ve already signed up for an account.  If the site lives up to hype I know quite a few teachers who will want to sign up for the service in their own classroom.  I love learning about new stuff, especially when there is less than a week left in the school year.

Another tool that Silvia didn’t mention that I think would get a lot of play in her classroom or any language-based classroom would have to be voicethread.com.  Voicethread allows a user to create a virtual storybook that incorporates still photography, audio and text messages. 

Silvia made me think how we still use technology to capture the final product (webpage, blog entry, podcast, etc) but we don’t document as much of the learning process using the technology.  I feel like we can plan for the final product in order to have the necessary technology hardware in place but the sideroads of the journey is less predictable when those AHA moments occur to document.  I don’t mind spending time challenging myself to do a better job documenting the process as much as the final product.

My question for Silvia would be, “As technology rich your classroom is mp3 players what happens for the child(ren) who don’t own a mp3 player?”  Unfortunately the technology divide is deep between those who have or those who do not.

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